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The lawyer you choose to represent you in family law and divorce proceedings will greatly influence whether or not your voice is heard and whether the agreements you reach will meet your needs.

At the Law Office of James J. Moloughney, LLC, I believe an individual's family is personal, and any decisions regarding that family should remain in his or her hands when possible. Unfortunately many separating couples end up in the courtroom — a place they should only go if they have exhausted all other dispute resolution efforts.

My experience as a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer and Mediator has given me an acute understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of various dispute resolution methods. After working as a lawyer for more than 34 years, I have earned a reputation for excellence and integrity within the legal community. Every case I handle is given personal attention & care.

I offer each of my clients:

Clear communication and transparency

I work directly with my clients to inform them of the options available, the legal process, what outcomes can be expected in various scenarios and what steps can be taken to achieve results.

Control over legal decision-making

I am a family law mediator as well as an attorney, which means my clients can often use a more cooperative dispute resolution method that keeps decision-making out of the court's hands and keeps it within the family.

Honesty, integrity and an ethical approach to the law

My clients need to know the truth when dealing with legal issues, which is why I am always straightforward about my legal recommendations and how their goals can best be achieved.