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I am an experienced Somerville New Jersey attorney and mediator. I can confidently say that the clients who reach the most effective divorce, that are customized to their own needs, are those who work them out cooperatively rather than handing them over for a court to decide. The emotional challenges of divorce drive many separating couples into the courtroom, resulting expensive proceedings and court-ordered resolutions that do not necessarily meet their family's needs.

Why Choose A Somerset County Attorney - Mediator?

Many people think mediation is only possible when both parties tend to agree on divorce issues such as child custody, child support, property division and alimony (spousal support). Proceedings can be made easier when two parties get along, but it is not a prerequisite.

Use of mediation is voluntary. The process involves sitting down with me, your mediator, as I facilitate the negotiation of divorce agreements. This is a more civilized and productive approach where clients make decisions with some impartial feedback as to how these decisions may be decided by a court.

This is especially ideal for cases where children are involved. The last thing you want is for a judge — someone you do not know and does not know your family's needs — to hand down parenting time schedules and child support orders that are based on one-size-fits-all calculations rather than your personal needs.

Proceedings are more cost-effective and often achieve more favorable, customized results. I have a high rate of success in helping my clients settle outside of court. I am one of only a handful of male mediators with more than 34 years of experience as a lawyer and have earned the respect of my peers due to my ethical approach to the law and my proven ability to help my clients.


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